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Once Upon A Time..

..there was a land called Mysteria!

A series of tropical isles, Mysteria enjoyed a warm, lush climate and bountiful food, labor, livestock, and spring water..

     ..but Mysteria was cursed!

For every 7th Year, a powerful, horrific Dragon appeared and wrought unchallenged destruction and chaos unto the land.

The Dragon's assault was cruel and relentless, spared no one and left a trail of ash, death, and destruction in it's wake!

Finally, the Sorcerors and Governors forgave their political differences and banded their resources together to find a Mercenary, breaking an expressed rule that forbade the opening of new wormholes believed to have brought about the Dragon's existence in the first place.

The idea being, to fight fire with fire.

..in the hope that one day THE ONE would enter and rid them of the DRAGON!

The wormholes brought unexpected and severe changes to Mysteria's climate. Countless citizens dared enter the wormhole seeking THE ONE, but were never to be seen or heard from again. No one came back from the wormhole, but the mages all begged for more time despite instability over Mysteria's lands. All hope seemed lost..

Until one day..

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